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How To Buy Festival Banners And Mesh Banners

Buying festival banners for music events, rock festivals and jazz festivals or any event is an important project for any event planner. It involves careful consideration of banner sizes, banner materials and the amount of banners required at the event.

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With the right planning, you can save budget and time on your event and festival banners. Here are five ways to buy festival banners the right way.


1. Find the right sizes. At every event, there are multiple ways to use banners. For stage banners, you can use speaker banners that stand along the left and right sides of the stage, peak banners that cover the top front area of the truss system and of course the stage backdrop.

The stage banner sizes will directly impact your budget – choose wisely.

2. Pick the right materials. We recommend 70/30 vinyl mesh banners to as the best material for festival banners and event banners. This is a low cost material that looks stunning and allows for airflow – meaning, the banner allows music and air to pass through.

Other materials for stage banners are dye sublimated poly poplin, an expensive yet beautiful fabric, and sold vinyl banners.

The solid vinyl banners vary in weight, depending on their function at your event. These tend to cost more than the vinyl mesh. Ask us for more information on festival banner materials. In high wind situations, we can also do other variations of vinyl mesh, like 30/70.

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3. How many will you need? When designing a stage, it’s imperative to think about how you will decorate the stage. Do you want to use banners for every square foot? Or perhaps you can rely on the entertainment for the stage, and focus your banner investments in other areas around the festival? Festival and concert banners can be used around the grounds for a variety of purposes, like informational banners, directional banners and of course to display your event sponsors. Consider these options before buying.

4. Define Your Needs Before buying, ask yourself these questions: Do I need outdoor or indoor banners? Can I buy outdoor banners that are not dated and save them for next year? Do I know which artwork will go on which banner? How will I hang the show banners?

We’d love to help you find even more ways to save budget at your festival. Contact us today for a quote, we’d love to help!

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