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How To Buy Mesh Banners For Corporate Sponsors

CCR - Stage Banner - 2592 x 3888

You’ve lined up the corporate sponsorship for the festival, and now it’s time for the mesh banners so you can let everyone know who’s sponsoring your event. Here’s the how-to for buying corporate sponsorship banners:

1. Determine the size of sponsor vs the size of the mesh banners. Obviously, the largest sponsor deserves their logo displayed more than the others, and this will determine the size of the mesh stage banners or other mesh banners. Once you have a clear list of sponsors in order of importance, you can order the right mesh banners.

2. Determine the right type of display banners. Do your event grounds accommodate small mesh banners or vinyl banners, stage backdrops or vertical stage banners, or perhaps plastic roll banners to cover the fences? These are important decisions which vary from event to event.

3. Design the artwork the right way. If you’re just working with logos, it’s simple and you’re already all set. But if you’re sponsors or show performers need graphic design work for their mesh banners, make sure to follow our tips on doing it the right away.

4. Purchase the mesh banner, vinyl banner or plastic roll package. Our rates are outstanding, and we offer special discounts for multiple banners ordered for festivals. Get a quote today, we’ll be happy to assist with any of these steps in this article and print your mesh banners for your event.

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